Monday, October 30, 2006

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arsenal Frozen out in Москва (Moscow)

Six wins on the trot its been, and i for one have totally enjoyed the ride. If you were to ask me when we should loose, i would have said away to CSKA as opposed to Reading, West brom or Porto! Unfortunatly many other bloggers out there have been shouting at the top of their voices about how poor we were.

If you look at it critically, perhaps we did not hit 1st gear. There were lots of sloppy passes and players not covering well defensively. I wont sit here and pick out any players for blame because i know these group of players are immensely talented and will bounce back from this.

Given the fact that WE WAS ROBBED! The ref didn't even see the incident as his back was towards the the goal. The nerve on the Spanish ref to then dish out a card. Tosser! Henry implied that we weren't awarded the goal because we are not a big club

I think he has a point.

We have Reading on Saturday away, then the Carling cup tie with West brom. I really can not wait to see the young ones play. Denilson must be quite something for him to be included into the squad yesterday.

So Anyways, enough about football. Its D-Day minus 4-5 weeks till bump arrives, and Mrs Bloggs and I just cant wait. We've been attending Lamaze Classes and i must confess that i cant stop chuckling when i am there. There are about 15 couples attending and the midwife is just so funny. The problem here is that i am the only one who seems to be getting her jokes. So when i burst out in my almighty laughter it seems very weird. Mrs Bloggs isn't amused by my antics. I've made a mental note to get a bit tipsy next time round.

Mom-in-Law has been threatening hinting at a possible ambush visit when bump comes. We shall have to keep you posted as to the developments with this story dear readers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

No club football for two weeks!!!

Hello all

Its been an amazing week. Yours truly and Mrs blog (plus bump) finally celebrated our first year of marriage. We went down to Scotland for a road tour, see pics here.

In a word, I'd have to say that its the most beautiful place I've ever been to. Of course, that might mean i need to get out more. I am still recovering from my holiday blues and as such my creative juices arent really flowing. I've also been watching the clock since lunch time hoping for the day to be over so thats not helping either.

Anyways, Arsenal won at Charlton and the remarkable thing is that it was the first time we've come back from a goal down in a long long time. Van Persie had (what for me is goal of the season) a belter of a goal. It was a true joy to watch and i hope he continues to score many more goals this season. Honestly speaking i feel that he has come of age and is primed to be a 20 plus goal scorer.

Arsenal are suddenly becoming a major force thanks to the 5 game winning trot we've been on. And when you consider the number of defensive injuries present, the team will only get stronger as time goes on. It will be interesting to see what happens to Bendtner when he comes back from his now successful loan spell with the brummies. He's already declared he doesn't want to come back to the we should see what would happen. I saw the boy play in last years carling cup and he impressed me.

Talking of the carling cup, we've got a tough game against West Brom coming up and am excited by the prospect of seeing some players. Mainly Theo Walcott, Denilson, Fran Merida and Aliadiere these guys are the future and it will be nice to see them given a run out.

Laters gooners and goonerettes!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gunners on a Roll

Hello Wonderful readers.

Another week and another blog being rolled out. What an eventful week I've had, Saturday yours truly decided to have a go at DIY. Mrs Bloggs has been on my case for weeks about the curtain rails, but to be fair to her they did make the place look a bit like Frankensteins lair. The thing is, the stoppers at the end of the rails had come off. So each time you drew the curtains they would roll right off the damn window. This used to really tick her off especially because in her condition she cant reach up there to put the curtains back in. (i'll confess, sometimes i did just for the fun of it).

So anyways, all my procrastinations ran out and i was left with little or no option when she showed up on Friday with a drill in hand threatening the do the job herself. Its safe to say i made a complete hash of the job. I kept having to drill more holes into the walls almost each time (I blame the stupid drill). Anyways, the curtains are up now, and peace finally prevails.

Another reason Mrs Bloggs had to have the curtains fixed is because of these damn 'flying daddy long legs 'insects. Since its summer here they are EVERYWHERE! And they look like huge mosquito's. Mrs Bloggs says that when she was young and insect entered her ear and since then she is totally freaked out by "dudu's". I feel like a mass murdered because of the number of times i've been woken up to swat the darn things.

I seem to be writing lots about Mrs blogs but its because i've been spending so much time with her as she and bump get bigger and bigger. Also, she really cracks me up ... yes yes yes...i need to get out more...i know.

So anyways, more about Arsenal. After our wonderful win against Man-Utd, we had a tricky tie with Sheffield Wednesday. I was worried about our ability to win at home and was beginning to believe the hype about the home ground hoodoo. Anyways, its safe to say that we won the game comfortably. They made it difficult for us in the first half, but i had the feeling we made it more difficult because we were not settled. After the break goals from Gallas, Henry and an own goal ensured victory.

Tonight we play Porto, and am excited about the game. We need to thrash someone on our ground and this is as good a time as any to do it. There's lots of negativity going round but i think we are in top form and everything is going for us. Porto haven't won the last 5 European ties, where as we are unbeaten for 10 games in Europe. Clearly we are going in as favorites. C'mon you reds...Hat Trick for Henry and a goal for Baptista should do the trick i think.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A great week to be a Gooner!

Another week gone by and am as happy as a clam.

Mostly because of Arsenals performance (more about this later) but mainly because i finally figured out what happened to the Dinosaurs.

OK, here's my theory... We don't really know why the dinosaurs are extinct, right? Well, maybe they're not. What if all those possible theories we've heard about are completely wrong and we come to find out that they've simply been abducted by aliens all this time? Hey, it makes about as much sense as that asteroid theory. (Yea right, an asteroid. What a load of malarkey.) Of course, the only problem we need to worry about is when the probings are done and the dinosaurs are finally dropped back to earth... That's when I get out the shotgun and head for the hills...

Am waiting for a Norwegian guy called nobel to give me a call any time now. Fame, fortune...Here i come!

Mrs Blog and bump are both doing great, but its becoming increasingly difficult to share the bed now. Mrs Blog has threatened to kick me out or to send herself into exile if i continue hogging the duvet (Allegedly).

Mrs Blogs sister was in town recently, and among other things she was hoping to achieve was to get a British accent. So we were all pleasantly amused one evening when she walked in after a long days work and declared she was 'Absolutely Knickered'! What a laugh she is, too bad she went back.

Right, on to Arsenal now and what a wonderful week its been. First we went over to ze-Germans and Rosicky absolutly blew them away with this rocket! Then we went over to old thrashford and outplayed the mancs off the park. I cant single out anyone in particular but we showed them how the game is meant to be played. Rosicky and Fabregas and Adebayor and Gilberto and Jens...the whole team played beautiful football. For those who didnt get to see the goal, eat your hearts out here. In the dying moments Jens made, what is to me the save of the season probably. A finger tip save from the baby faces assassin.

I loved the way Arsene Wenger jumped up and down when the goal went in, you could see how much it meant to him. I hope we will settle down and hammer Sheffield Utd on Sunday. We need to open a can of Whop ass on someone real soon. C'mon you Reds!

Finally the scum down the lane could only muster a draw and the face on their managers arse says it all really!

Compare that to our MOTM's smile! Brilliant!

Finally, and this is neither here nor there...its about these bloody telemarketers! Someone seriously needs to invent some sort of a device that attaches to any telephone which would then allow me to send a deafening high-pitched buzz through the phone lines to disorient those annoying phone solicitors... and that someone needs to invent it NOW.

Some kind of a Gizmo that could suddenly cause, oh lets say, a severe splitting headache or a momentary blackout. Hey, anything to cut short those endless calls... For any of you would-be inventors out there, don't forget to include various pain-producing settings depending on the amount of damage one decides to inflict on the unwanted caller. From a mild numbing sensation simply rendering the caller unable to make complex thoughts (I'd probably just use that one for wrong numbers), to a ruptured eardrum with temporary hearing loss for those telemarketers who simply refuse to take 'no' for an answer... Hey, I'm tired of being interrupted during my afternoon naptime... especially at work...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eventful Week

Well dear reader ('s),

I am not sure where to begin but its been one heck of a roller coaster ride this week. Lets start with the most exciting thing... i.e. Stomach crunching pains that lasted almost 12 hours!

I woke up on Sunday morning with this incredible pain in my abdomen, promptly woke up groggy Mrs Blog and proceeded to whine about the agony i was in...the sweet Mrs Blog tended to me and hoped that it would go away but no nothing i tried seemed to help. I drank a glass of milk...took a pepcid tablet and even had a swig of Milk of Magnesia. In fact it was at this point that i started to be very violently sick in the bathroom. And when i get sick, the whole world had better take notice because its loud, its scary and it sounds like death is upon me.

There were whines, yelps, groans, shouts of Aaahhh shit!, small farts some of which ended up as a small poo! Oh yes, convulsions galore, all orifices were on auto-drive! Oh dear me...i could only wonder what Mrs Blog in Law was thinking sleeping in the living room. I was throwing up milk that had already curded in the stomach and looked a bit like feta cheese. better believe it.

Anyways, this went on for almost 3 hours upon which Mrs Blog insisted we get some medical we called up the NHS direct guys and were asked have you taken any pain medication...there i was in writhing in agony thinking...'Dumb ass! Note to self... when in pain...take pain medication!'. Anyways, the nurse was real patient and didn't take the mickey and thank god she didn't cos i would have really let rip.

It got better when i tried to have something to eat...two slices of bread and a cup of black tea. So i managed to get some sleep. It honestly felt as if i was drugged because i was very sleepy through all this drama. It eased up as the day went on and i finally got to see the GP on Monday. Sigh, glad all that is behind me...turns out its something i ate...i suspect its some sukuma wiki's Mrs Blog made a week ago that did me in.

On the Arsenal Front, we only managed a sad draw with lowly Middlesborough. It seems everyone who will play arsenal will employ the same trick...put 10 men behind the ball and hope to counter attack. Its worked well for them so far and thats a worry for us. We got to See Gallas and Baptista in the arsenal colours and they seemed to do ok. The introduction of Tomas Rosicky was a breathe of fresh air and at least he tried to shoot from distance. I am quite curious to see what sort of roll Theo Walcott might play this season, the boy has potential to help us and i hope he will be given a run out sooner rather than later.

We play Manchester United on Sunday and Humberg tomorrow, we have to reign in the mancs if we are to have a chance this season, they are already 10 points clear and this will be an opportunity to bring that gap down to 7 points hopefully... Its curious how the dutch national team manages to get the best out of Van Persie where as we dont...same applies to Rosicky. A rethink perhaps on our part? We wait and see.

Work has been a bitch lately and i've got the motivation of a slave, all the same we got to work so we will pough along...

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, and boy did they go on and on about it. Blair got shouted down by a protester during his press conference in Lebanon, apparently he said he felt at home about it. Twat! Oh, apparently he went down there to find out if there was anything he could do for them..well Mr Blair...its a bit late don't you think?

Ok then, thats it i need to get back to work...till next week..ta ta.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Window Closed, Roll on September

I haven't written anything since my last post so it was with great suprise when i found out there were 4 people who had read it. I assume one is my wife and the other is My sis in Law. So i got two strangers to read my rubbish. Great.

To be honest i am glad to see the back of August, it wasnt a bad month but lets just say i wish it were better. For starters i was broke for most of the month especially towards the end. I got ripped off at work by being given another 16 trusts to sort out. And to cap it all up, Arsenal endured their first defeat...Grrrr!

So its quite fitting that August ended with Ashley Cole and Reyes leaving and us landing two very solid players in exactly the positions where we needed strengthening. I later learned that we also managed to get 2M for Pascal Cygan...i am just waiting to read about Wenger being arrested for robbery...the guy wasn't worth anything. I have also heard rumours that we got a youngster from Sao Paolo, 19yr old Denilson. Its only The Sun who have mentioned it so i am not too sure.

Mrs blogg is doing great, the baby is also coming along just fine. I hope its a boy so that i can train him to become the next Theo Walcott and make daddy very rich.

On the political front, it appears that 82% of britons think Tony Blair is a liar. A recent survey showed that 80% of us hold Tony Blair directly responsible for the London Attacks and also 76% believe that the recent story about people blowing up planes using red bull and lucozade to be a fabrication. It seems the pattern he has borrowed from Bush is that when people are getting comfy about their security simply up the TERROR SCALE to Red, and you are back to being popular. The only thing Bush forgot to tell Blair is that it only works for so many times.

So damn it let the terrorists blow up something so that we can know the threat is real. We are tired of all this prevention business...(ahem...i am joking of course).